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Starcrossed 1: the World is a Great Place to Lose You

I wandered through the market
again today…

My restless eyes perused,
not the worldly wares,
but the faces and the frames
of the people passing by
in search of someone
from a half-remembered dream.

“All of the tomorrows and yesterdays meld,
and rekindling of souls from
a tomorrow’s glance.
I caught your words
  on the wind,
Your scent
  on the breeze,
now all I need is the realization
of a strangers face.”

You’re in this city somewhere;
I can feel it…

I checked the park this morning
but I’ll investigate again.
Some strange restlessness
has afflicted me of late –
pushing, pushing, ever pushing,
ravenous for reprieve.

“Something draws me to the unfamiliar parts of the city,
  where the lights are hidden in the trees,
  the surrounding faces whisper,
the leaves fall from the trees of the park.

I’ve never known you,
I’ve never felt you,
Yet I know you’re here, somehow.

The familiar face in an unfamiliar dream,
you are the truths that sustain me.

If only I knew where you were.”

– this work in a collaboration with the lovely Violet-words, who wrote the quoted sections above.


You grab life by the throat
and wring your hands,
squeezing out the last drops
before drinking your bitter tea.

I’m amazed at all the good
a little bit of blue sky and some fresh air
can do for the soul.

I feel worlds lighter after only a few minutes.


Warm is the home
whose tables bear marks
from cold glasses.

Cold is the home
whose furniture lacks
any laugh lines.