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Life update

Been a while since I’ve done one of these.  Here’s where I’m at right now:

– I’ve been working on a collaborative project with a local artist that we plan to publish once we finish.  The goal for this is to have all the content produced within the next 4 months and hopefully the product available in the month following.

– One of the businesses that I was selling copies of my book closed and I now have 3 additional first editions available for purchase.  I have numbers 13, 14, 15, and 32 available from the first printing as well as several second eds.  Please send me a message if you’re interested in one.

– I’ve been a little down lately and more than a little sick.  I’ll try and throw some sunshine and rainbows into my work over the next few weeks 😉

Book order cancelations

I canceled a few outstanding book invoices tonight.  All of these were for pre-orders and if you were one of those affected and you are still interested in a copy, please contact me again.  Otherwise, I will put these books back into circulation and will be actively trying to sell them.


I’ll be doing a book reading/signing at the Midtown Scholar bookstore in Harrisburg PA on Saturday June 25th from 2-5.  Those who can make it are welcome to come and I’ll be bringing more copies of the book for those who are interested in purchasing one.

Because of this announcement, I’ll be posting a little extra this week both here and on my movie review blog.  I hope y’all enjoy.

Book Published!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally gotten all of my materials to the publisher and my book will be printed this coming Thursday.

TO THOSE WHO PRE-ORDERED A COPY, I will be contacting you today regarding delivery.  I will deliver local orders after I’ve picked up the books on Friday or throughout the following week.  Orders that have to be mailed out will be done once I have enough information to calculate a shipping cost for your invoice.  Those who have paid and have all their info to me in time will get their books mailed out this Friday shortly after I pick them up.  Because my publishing costs decreased, the final price for the book has been reduced to $12.00.

TO THOSE WHO WANT A COPY, I am having 40 first edition copies printed of which 26 are spoken for and 4 are promised to a local business.  The remaining 10 copies will be going up for sale on a first come, first served basis.  If you want one, contact me and I will let you know if any are left.

All copies will be signed and numbered and I will write a little something in them for those who would like that.

Annoucements (including big news)

First – I’d like to thank all of you all for helping me cross the 100 follower milestone on Tumblr this past month.  Thank you all for being so awesome.

Two – I’d like to explain what I’m doing for November’s style.  Rather than choosing an existing one, I will be attempting to create and standardize my own style.  At the end of the month, I’ll post a formal name and an explanation for it.

Three – after much thought, I’ve decided that I’m going to self-publish my 365 poetry once this project is complete in the first week of December.  My goal is to have the book ready by early January of next year but, seeing as how I’ve never done anything like this before, that date is subject to change.  Gonna try damn hard for it thought.  Since I’m going to be doing this out-of-pocket, I would appreciate any and all help you fine folks can give helping me to get the word out.  I really want this to be a success and I can’t do it alone.

Four – since I’ll be publishing, I thought I’d try to clean up one glaring issue on this blog:  March’s incomplete Villanelles.  I tried Villanelles four months into this project, bit off more than I could chew, and only completed 14 of the 31 poems for that month.  I aim to correct this prior to publication.

Wish me luck.