A poem a day, a style a month:  Dec 4, 2009 – Dec 3, 2010

A friend and coworker of mine (mhstudios.tumblr.com) started a 365 picture blog.  I felt so inspired by her project and started a 365 of my own – with poems instead of pictures ‘cause I can’t photograph or edit worth a damn!  I changed the poetry style in which I was writing each month of the project and the breakdown is below.

Dec 2009 – Haiku
Jan 2010 – Waka
Feb 2010 – Quatrain
Mar 2010 – Villanelle
Apr 2010 – AcrosticMay 2010 – Limerick
June 2010 – Reader requests and free style
Jul 2010 – Cinquain
Aug 2010 – Roundel
Sept 2010 – English sonnets
Oct 2010 – Diamante
Nov 2010 – Chimera, an original style
Dec 2010 – Haiku (a few to finish)

I’ve since published this project into the book “A (Wise) Man of Two Faces” which is available for purchase in the store in paperback or Kindle editions.  (paperbacks are limited supplies – first come, first served)

A month of romance:  Feb 2011

A long-time friend and fan of my writing told me she liked my “steamy” poetry.  Since flattery does wonders for my ego, I promised her a a month of romance poems for February and wrote one for each day of the month.  The poems for this month are not a consistent style build on and off each other and collectively tell the story of a fictional romance between two charming people.

I’ve since published a Kindle edition of this book titled “Ever since, and Evermore”.  A link to its page on Amazon can be found in the store.

National Poetry Writing Month 2011 (NPWM):  April 2011

Another unstyled poem-a-day project with one published on every day of April.

Story Time Saturday:  Aug 2012 – Oct 2012

A prompt-driven project done in collaboration with Andrea and Story Time Saturday.

Shorties:  Oct 2012 – Dec 2014

Publishing a haiku every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


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