Silver Sunset

His weathered face,
his thinning hair,
her steady grip
still showed she cared.

Her sagging breasts,
her silver tresses
has not stopped
his daily confesses.

Their lives had been so very full
and they had lived so long
but they’d spent their time hand-in-hand,
right where they belonged.

Empty Nest

They wandered through the house
surveying each room
recalling the memories
and years that passed too soon.

Their youngest’d left for college
on that very day;
their oldest had long-since gone
and had a baby on the way.

Now they finally had the time
and they had the whole place
so he reached down and grabbed her ass
with a smile on his face.

Precarious Precipice

The children were all sleeping,
he had checked them twice.
Now they were finally free
to enjoy a little vice.

They were both in the moment
and feeling it so strong –
when had they last done this?
God, had it been that long?!

And they were almost there
when a knock echoed in the night
followed by a tiny voice,
“May I sleep with you tonight?”

Welcome Home

They started searching
for a place to call their own
and after a few months of looking
had finally found their home.

They packed up all their things,
with caution and with care,
loaded them into the truck,
and moved them over there.

When the movers had all left,
the first thing that she said
was, “Welcome home sweetheart.
I’ll race to you the bed.”

The New Life

She walked down the aisle
to stand by his side
and the priest declared them
more than merely groom and bride.

Now the wife and her husband
joined their family and friends
in toasting a new union
that would never, ever end.

The Big Day

They spent the new few months
in a flurry of preparation
trying to get ready
for their day of celebration.

And on that special day,
the groom waited ‘fore the pews
when the bride, by her father,
was escorted into view.

The Proposal

“You’re my joy and happiness;
you are the light of my life.
Will you do me the honor
of being my wife?”

Her eyes widened in surprise,
her hand clenched her dress,
and she wiped her eyes clean
before replying, “Yes.”

The Romantic

They spent Valentine’s together
but he had a secret plan
involving the ring in his pocket
and asking for her hand.

When he’d made the reservations,
he’d planned it to a tee
and when the right moment came
he dropped down on one knee.



They spent Thanksgiving with his parents
and they shared quite the feast
of vegetables,  stuffing, yams,
and succulent roast beast.

They saw her parents for Christmas
and opened presents side-by-side
and in a quiet moment
he took her father aside…



The longer that they were together
the more time slipped away
until they no longer noticed
the passing hours, minutes, days…

For they had found a happiness
much deeper than the clock
and they no longer obsessed
over every tick and tock.