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I want to share a beer
with people in the city
instead of being here
feeling pretty shitty.

But I’m too tired to be witty,
too worn to persevere,
too wrapped up in pity.

I swallow back each tear
and curse eternity,
wishing you were near.
Feeling pretty shitty.


I want to kiss you in dark places
and watch your face alight.
I want to feel you in embraces –
you are my delight.

I hunger for the sight
of all those secret faces
that you hide within the night.

I’m tired of the chases;
they’re so cliché and trite.
I’m enthralled by all your graces.
You are my delight.

Drowning dreams in the toxic tonic

I’m at the bottom of my glass.
I can’t even taste the drink
but I’ll do whatever I has
to bury what I think.

I’ve barely slept a wink
and I trip and fumble as
I stumble to the sink.

God, I’m such an ass…
but I’m tired of the brink.
I’m looking to succeed, at last:
to bury what I think.

Chattering’s charm

I’m hanging by a thread;
I’m just about undone.
Why don’t I go to bed?
Oh right – I’m talking to someone.

While I admit it is quite fun
to chuckle at things said,
I’ll feel it come the morning sun.

Why do I ignore my throbbing head
and continue this late-night run
rather than getting sleep instead…
Oh right – I’m talking to someone.


I don’t know what to tell;
I don’t know what to think…
How can she make me feel so well?
It’s probably something in the drink.

Because in just a blink
she can pull me out of hell,
right from the burning brink.

Could it be her curves and swells
or her sultry, randy wink?
Perhaps some power dark and fell?
It’s probably something in the drink.


Stretch your arms up high
into the deeper blue
and reach out for the sky
in the world inside of you.

Don’t deny yourself the view
by clinging to the tried
or choking on the true.

Please stop living in a lie
and days that you just rue.
Open your arms and fly
in the world inside of you.


You’ve got a heart of lead –
I knew it from the start.
You could have cared but instead
you tore out my fucking heart.

God!  And how you ripped me apart
and coloured me in red
like a Goddamn work of art.

Why can’t you get it through your head,
you twisted little tart?
You killed me bitch!  I’m dead!
You tore out my fucking heart!!

There are no coincidences

I can taste the fire
on your lips as they entice
me to ascend even higher –
lightning just struck twice.

Each moment is so nice
but it’s getting rather dire
and I could use a little ice.

However, I will never tire
of your rich and fragrant spice.
You’re my guiding, stalwart spire;
lightning just struck twice.

Life’s a…well, you know

From the golden, shifting sands
to the lofty, emerald trees,
you can feel the spirit of the land
shaking in your knees.

From sea to shining seas,
you’ve got to raise your hands
to mother nature’s beauties.

But if one should dare command
her ample bounties
you’ll feel her reprimand
shaking in your knees.


Heavy sky
but with good breezes
that drift on by –
playful teases.

It all so pleases,
I murmur and sigh
as my breath eases.

A natural high
amid wispy wheezes;
beloved are my
playful teases.