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Rally to Restore Sanity

These days it seems
we’re living in a world
of partisan extremes
that’s coming unfurled.

People are so aggravated
at every political event
that those who’re “less opinionated”
can’t help but to lament.

But we’re taking a stand
for those hard working folks
too busy to have a hand
in the fodder for political jokes.

If you’re interested, come on down
to our sensible meeting in a mad man’s town.

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I know of a certain place,
a lovely little shoppe.
Though slightly short on space,
it has goods that are on top.

It’s filled with crafty art
and gorgeous vestments
made with quite a lot of heart
by those with skilled commitment.

And run by quite the pair,
gals with smiles and sass,
who often welcome there
many-a workshop class.

It’s one of the best places under the sun
with goods and company second to none.

Asphalt acoustics

I’m cruising down the street,
listenin’ to the music play,
grooving to the beat,
and feeling what they say.

I gotta watch my speed,
it wants to match the groove,
because I feel the need
to move, Move, MOVE!

I check my mirror for The Man
’cause the pull is just too strong.
I’m gonna give it all I can –
this feeling’s beyond right and wrong.

Sometimes it’s just about finding the right pace
for those little accompaniments to life’s rat race.

Voluminous walls

I’m sitting in the dark,
although the lights are on.
I’m listening for the lark
and waiting on the dawn.

I’m trapped with all my flaws
in this tiny, little box
and cut bloody by their claws
behind all the doors and locks.

Yet despite my ragged screams
no one seems to understand,
notice all my fraying seams,
or offer me a helping hand.

So in the end, I am undone
by kindnesses that never come.