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Though the sun bleeds out
we must always remember
it will rise again.


The steady rainfall
swallows up the islands
and transforms the trees
into a forest
of drowning tombstones.

Personal prison

There’s a wolf behind my eyes
who I keep chained up with rules and lies.
He’s not the fear that I’ll sin again,
he’s the fear of who I might have been.

Smiling shopkeeper

“My friend,” you say
in a casual way
with a smile on your face
and the wrinkles all in place
from years of treating those like me
with such gracious courtesy
that what we taste in every bite
is nothing less than a delight.


I look into your eyes
and all that I can see
are all the pretty lies
that keep you bound to me.

I’ll not render you the prize
of the tender side of me
for swallowing the lies
offered up by me.

When will you realize
that your impropriety
is the result of the lies
that chained you to me.

Do you look up to the sky
while longing to be free
from all the bitter lies
that keep you trapped with me?