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I’ll be doing a book reading/signing at the Midtown Scholar bookstore in Harrisburg PA on Saturday June 25th from 2-5.  Those who can make it are welcome to come and I’ll be bringing more copies of the book for those who are interested in purchasing one.

Because of this announcement, I’ll be posting a little extra this week both here and on my movie review blog.  I hope y’all enjoy.

The darkening deep

The ancients worshiped water
as both savior and destroyer:
for today’s life-giver
could be tomorrow’s death,
crawling up the river banks.

Which I can relate to now
as the azure devil
swallows up my city,
inch by precious inch.


The dark clouds of the morning
break for a sunny afternoon
that hides behind the raindrops
which herald the evening gloom.

There’s a fickle fancy
that’s blowing on the breeze
who warms our tired, weary bones
only to let them freeze.