The grace of gracelessness

It’s the way things aren’t mixing right
and powder spilled over the bowl…

It’s the way clumps stick to the spoon
and dirtying three while stirring…

It’s the way I blush wondering
if people would eat the cookies
if they saw me behind closed doors…

It’s wanting people to like them
and offer the high compliment
of a stolen second helping…

It’s the way baking reminds me
of so many clumsy first dates.

Amazing Grace

I called you silly names
to try to catch your eye
and played your silly games
while thinking myself sly.

I used to snap your bra
just to watch you jump
while the things in you I saw
made me swallow back a lump.

I carried all your books
to prove that I was strong
and complimented your looks
because I wanted to belong.

Now looking back, it’s plain to see
all the changes that you made in me.

The ignoble chase

I brought you some fresh flowers
to try and make you smile
but you made me wait for hours
and they wilted meanwhile.

I took you out to supper
and we sat out on the deck.
You ordered the lobster
and stiffed me with the check.

I asked you to the theater
and paid the way for you
then waited by the greeter
because I couldn’t pay for two.

And watched you walk out hand-in-hand
at the side of another man.

From across the bar

I saw in you a vision rare
lighting the contours of your face
beneath the canopy of your hair.

There was something in your stare
that compelled me to give chase.
I saw in you a vision rare.

That wink and smile, a sultry dare
that made me want to stand and race
beneath the canopy of your hair.

I approached without a care
to all the jealous in that place.
I saw in you a vision rare.

After an evening beyond compare,
you pulled me into an embrace
beneath the canopy of your hair.

Now, I say, we make quite the pair
sauntering to our own pace.
I saw in you a vision rare
beneath the canopy of your hair.