Goodbye halcyon days

I had a picture in my head
of the man I wanted to be
but I’ve settled instead
on this fragile forgery.

I don’t know what transpired
that turned my dreams aside
or what forces conspired
to crush them ’til they died.

But I can feel the holes
where they used to dwell;
all the shining goals
before they burned out and fell.

Forcing me, at last, to part
with the me I carried in my heart.

Breaking bread

One day while walking down the street
I met a man who hung his head
down terribly low in defeat
without so much as a crust of bread.

I offered him some food
and sat down for a while
and knew that I’d done good
by his contented smile.

And as the time flew by
I listened to his story
and then he asked me why
I cared for his history.

“I stopped today and shared this meal
because I know how eating alone feels.”

Loving those who least deserve it

One day I made a pact
with a devil, strong and stout:
I would get the strength I lacked
and it would never be cast out.

Years later came a man
who tried to drive it away.
But I gave him a reprimand
and told him it could stay.

Because I knew that it would fade
when I was loved inside and out –
a statement which made
it rise up and shout:

“But you won’t love me ‘cause I’m special – I’ll just be the same
as all the other people who are calling out your name!”