I focus on each hour
to make it through the day
until I have the power
to live in my own way.

– requested by a certain someone.  You know who you are, ^_^

Apples or Oranges?

I could ask about
the nature of the world,
the stars in the sky,
the existence of a soul…
All manner of things:
religion, politics, truth…
But what you asked for
was an uplifting moment
so:  apples or oranges?


Clarity thunders,
striking me upside the head.
Today a few things
started making much more sense.
I know the feeling
will pass in a short while.
I’m doing my best
to get my ideas down
before they’re gone forever.


I believe that there’s
a great truth in those moments
that lie in the space
between dreams and the earth but
it fades quickly, like a mist.


The feeling of pain
and the burden of sadness –
I acknowledge them
and take them into myself.
Devouring them
and then I try to turn them
into something beautiful.