Each time I fall flat on my face,
I pull myself up and I try
to get back into the race
and move on even as I cry.

Sometimes I wonder why
I set this manic pace
when I could just give up and die…

But only through the chase
can I ever reach the sky
so I’ll shoulder my disgrace
and move on even as I cry.


Isn’t it a wonder
that despite those piercing pains
you could dig down deep and sunder
all those heavy, heavy chains.

‘Cause they’re just the remains
of all your former blunders,
lingering like refrains.

So howl like bloody thunder
and raise a dozen different Cains
and tear yourself from under
all those heavy, heavy chains.

My proud wax wings

Reach for the stars
‘cause who knows how high
and who knows how far
you can fly.

Don’t give up before you try
or be held back by your scars
or the tears you never cry…

Don’t hide in a life that’s sub-par,
open your arms and reach for the sky,
and show the world just who you are.
You can fly.


Don’t rely on happenstance
to change your sorry state.
Stand up, take a chance,
and make your own fate.

Why do you even wait
to take the time to dance
or treat your sweet palate?

Wake yourself up from the trance
before it is too late
to live a little and romance
and make your own fate.

Living in the light

On this summer night
there’s something in the air
which is a delight
and that’s a gift, most rare.

I lean back and stare,
take in all the sights,
and live without a care.

And I know that tonight’s
a gift beyond compare
‘cause I’m living in the light
and that’s a gift, most rare.


I’m completely soaked with sweat
but I’m still not there quite yet.
I have to face this trial,
and struggle all the while,
or my dream becomes forfeit.