Old medicine

Lately I’ve been feeling
the need for some vigorous sexual healing,
for the kind of salvation that I find
when I’m tangled with someone supine.

Because there’s a peace whose only tender
is a heartfelt sweet surrender,
and once you let that love inside
you’ll grow lush with lust and pride.

Because when another throws you down
and feverishly goes to town,
when you trust enough to let them in,
it’s then that the healing can begin.

And yes, the right person will rip you apart,
but they’ll do it without hurting your heart.

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A question of desire

My dearest love,

I want to plant a trail of kisses
up your trembling thigh,
while you stare, starstruck,
wondering how anyone could find you
so intoxicating.

I want to drink deeply of your desire,
and use my tongue to spell out a story there:
a one-act play of such intensity
that its inevitable climax
leaves you gibbering in its wake.

I want to caress you –
the tips of my fingers tracing
every glorious inch
of every glorious curve
and memorizing your mysteries.

I want to stir you up,
stoking the fires of your passion
until we’re both burning,
until we’re both erupting,
until we’re both spent.

I want to wake beside you hours later,
a hot, sticky mess,
and give you a smiling, sizzling look
that asks through the exhaustion,

The Prelude

Enthralled by your sensual charms,
I pull you tight into my arms
and I can taste within your kiss
what is, at once, both hell and bliss.

And I can see the look in your eyes
of your nightly hunger on the rise
and see your face grow faintly red
as you slowly move toward the bed…

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At long last

I meet you by the door
and pin you ‘gainst the wall.
And when you can’t take any more
I drag you down the hall.

I tease you out of every thread
until your flesh is bare
and lay you down upon the bed,
atop a halo of your hair.

I discard my clothes
and draw up to your side
and watch the blushing rose
that you shyly try to hide.

And, at last, we begin
our long-awaited night of sin.


Please my sweet
promise you’ll stay
and share with me the evening’s heat.
Stay and play.

Swing and shake, tease and sway
while perspiration rolls from your teat
as you dance so coy and fey.

Please come close ‘til not even a sheet
dares to linger in the way.
Please come close and share your treats;
stay and play.


I’m burning up.
Look what you’ve done to me –
reduced to no more than a beast
in rut
commanded by intense feelings
screaming at me to thrust,
to satisfy
that heat.


I want your sex; I
need to feel life and passion and
your voice is the only one that reaches the
depths of my self, beckons my fire,
and wholly seduces me with promises of
delights and sultry, sweaty nights.