The first thing I notice is your warmth.
But long before I even take note
of your smooth skin under my fingers,
I feel the longing in my cold side
and the satisfaction in my warm.

Next, I take in your scent,
sweet and somewhat salty;
drawing it in with
a long smooth breath
followed by my satisfied murmurings.

I hear you murmur in response
and feel you shuffle close
while I listen to the sound of
you sleepily wetting your lips,
dry from the night.

I peel open one eye
and see you radiant.
I close that eye
content in knowing
that I am home.

Giving chase

Racing through the woodland trails
following the green eddies
deeper into the verdancy

with the sound of your footsteps up ahead,
with the sound of your laughter up ahead,
with the sound of you up ahead.

Your sound.
Your sounds.
Just up ahead.