The Prelude

Enthralled by your sensual charms,
I pull you tight into my arms
and I can taste within your kiss
what is, at once, both hell and bliss.

And I can see the look in your eyes
of your nightly hunger on the rise
and see your face grow faintly red
as you slowly move toward the bed…

If you like this, head over to fellow poet/blogger Renee Mastersen’s site and check out some of her lovely work.


Please my sweet
promise you’ll stay
and share with me the evening’s heat.
Stay and play.

Swing and shake, tease and sway
while perspiration rolls from your teat
as you dance so coy and fey.

Please come close ‘til not even a sheet
dares to linger in the way.
Please come close and share your treats;
stay and play.