I am the pride of an outcast;
the envier of your good company.
Furious at the distance between us,
I long to fulfill my hunger
and appease my desires
again and again and again yet
I am bound by my timidly weak self.


My eyes are open,
my gaze is wide:
from the depths for the forest
to the roof of the sky.

– A little something I’d written for my eventual freestyle month.

Traveler’s blessing

Fair winds, fair water,
you travelers of the waves.
May God carry you
where it is you need to go
with no more trouble
than you need see on the way.
May fortune find you:
Luck and gold, treasure and jewels,
and things immeasurable.

In my head all day

The thundering roar,
howling through the sky, towards
the horizon’s end.
Is what’s inside of me the
voice, azure, or edge?
Which one is behind my eyes?
Or perhaps they’re all
a fragment of my spirit:
the being, journey, and goal.