I kneel before the Goddess
humbled in her sight.
And I come here to confess
my love for her tonight.

She makes the forest and the field,
the mountain and the hill;
makes me weak and makes me yield
yet provides me with my fill.

Underneath the moon
I listen to her song,
a sweet, shimmering tune
that makes me feel like I belong.

And it’s only because of her grace
I feel that I have found my place.

Die Wespe der Blauen Lanze

One day while idly waiting
I saw a sight divine
I wasn’t anticipating
walking in the sunshine.

Her hair was bright as gold
and she held her head up high.
Her dress was vivid, short, bold,
and the color of the sky.

I couldn’t help but look
and watch her hips sway
with every step she took
as she walked along my way.

I sat there, slack-jawed, and observed
every hint of every curve.