Farewell Mouse Knight:
Kusakabe Tarou, The Brave.
You bravely fought the fight.

Chosen because of your fright
instead of the strength most warriors have.
Farewell Mouse Knight.

But you found out your love’s fated plight
and decided that she was one you would save.
You bravely fought the fight.

You made your wish one April night
and put one foot into the grave.
Farewell Mouse Knight.

When she was in danger in your sight,
you used your body to shield from the glaive.
You bravely fought the fight.

And before your soul lost its light,
you bowed out with a fiery wave.
Farewell Mouse Knight!
You bravely fought the fight!

– This poem is a homage to a comic chapter I read today written as a Villanelle – the style I picked for this month.

Yes, I know I’m a geek but I like this comic and I really liked the chapter today so 😛

(In case anyone’s interested, the series is called Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and I highly recommend it.)

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