As promised, I am now going to explain in detail the style which I have been trying to create this month.

First, the form I was used changed over this month as I tried different things.  The first few poems were single or four-verse rhyming Quatrains.  Following that I experimented with free-styles.  I ended the month writing something which was a cross between a multi-verse Quatrain and a Sonnet.  The one thing that persisted through the month is the number four:  four lines to most stanzas or four stanzas to many poems.

Next, the rhyme scheme, which also changed over the month.  The earliest poems rhymed every other line, the free-styles rarely rhymed, and the the last form rhymed on the second and fourth lines of the Quatrain stanzas.

Finally, the meter.  I didn’t adhere to a typical meter of stressed syllable units but instead focused on keeping the same number of syllables for each line or repeating different line syllables in patterns.  Near the beginning of the month, I wrote 6 syllables per line with some lines having one more or fewer syllables and by the end of the month I tired to adhere to 8 syllables per line.

And so, my personal style prefers 4 lines and/or stanzas, doesn’t focus on a rhyming pattern (though it can rhyme), and has 8 syllables per line with deviations done for effect (and are expected to be repeated through the stanzas).  I shall call it “Chimera” because it’s a monster made of monsters.

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