Why is it so hard
to say those final words…

Hellos are easy –
there are words and works,
songs and stories,
which hang upon the meetings
of eye-locking lovers
or fierce-faced foes.

The words “I love you”
seem to rush to the tip of our tongues,
almost too eager to be given…
as eager as “I hate you” forms
when our frustration fells us
and we spit out those ugly syllables.

But when facing
that final conversation
we trip and stumble
and are humbled
by the permanence
of our last words.

Instead of a moment’s bravery
we accuse,
we excuse
and try to make the best
of a terrible situation
created by our poor decision(s).

For all of our knowledge,
our success, and our pride
sometimes we fail so utterly
at facing the end with honest, quiet dignity:

“I’m sorry.
“I don’t love you…
“I can’t be your friend…
“I don’t want to stay here…
“I can’t take another conversation that sends my emotions into a tailspin…
“…not anymore.”

– Special thanks to Jan Scholz’ photograph The Lost Art of Conversation which served as my inspiration for this

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