There’s no easy way to say this:  recent events have left me without a job.  It was a bit of a surprise but, in a way, I’d been expecting it for a while.  I’ll be alright but I’m adjusting at the moment.

That being said, I now have additional time on my hands to write and I intend to use it.  So…

1) I’ll be catching up on some writing prompts I’ve promised I would complete (I didn’t forget Andrea)

2) I will try to increase how much I post in a week – no promises to the volume though.  I do have job searching to do.

3) I will get better about answering messages on my feed.  I usually replied to them privately but I do reply – don’t be shy folks 😉  Let me know if you don’t want something posted publicly though.

4) If you would like to help, I would appreciate if you bought a copy of my book.  You can purchase it from the Kindle store here or request one of the remaining hard copies (limited number remaining – first come, first served)

5) Submit a request.  I’d like to hear what you lovely people would like to see 🙂

Also, I’ll be around on Skype today if anyone wants to pop in and say “hi”.  My name there is Deuscain.

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