The Storytime Saturday project is complete!  Thanks Andrea for all the great prompts – I really enjoyed them 🙂

As for my next step, I’ve decided to keep a M-F schedule for posts.  However, I’m going to keep the posts for M/W/F short, probably haikus.  The standard length Tuesday and Thursday posts will continue as they have before.  I might change this up a little as I adjust to the new schedule but this is what I’m planning on for the next month or so.

Also, I’m still unemployed, still looking for work so please, please, please if you want to help/show your support purchase a copy of my book.  It’s available from Amazon here or you can message me and order one of the remaining physical copies.

And finally, feel free to drop me a line sometime.  Leave a comment, make a request, start up a conversation – I don’t bite 😉


  1. Out of work. I am there as well. Hang in there. I’ve actually decided to be a stay at home dad, work on getting published, and help out in that way. Just tired of looking for jobs that I have no interest in when all I want to do is write. Keep up the good work – like your site. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I actually got a job offer a few hours after I posted this. Just temp work but it’ll give me enough money to buy some nice Christmas gifts this year 🙂

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