Commissions are now open.

Haiku:  $5
Waka:  $2/line, minimum $10
Quatrain:  $10/stanza
Villanelle:  $100
Acrostic:  $2/line, minimum $10
Limerick:  $15
Cinquain:  $10/stanza
Roundel:  $30
Sonnet:  $30 (NO crown sonnets)
Diamante:  $10
Free style/chimera:  $2/line, minimum $20

Please send all inquires to:  deuscain[at]gmail[dot]com
For explanations of styles, click here
If you’re interested in something you don’t see, please contact me for pricing.

Payments must be received prior to delivery of purchase.  All purchases allow for one (1) rewrite if the customer deems the item unacceptable.  All rewrites are final.  The writer has the right to decline any order and refund the purchase price, if paid in advance.

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