I’m still working a few thing out so my writing vacation will continue for another month.  But I wanted to give you folks an update on what I’m working on now.

  1. I will be writing blog posts in addition to my poetry.  I may keep them topical to current events, or they may be musings on things in my life.  I have a few written already, and I’m sending them out to beta readers for feedback.  (Let me know if you’d like to beta read anything)
  2. My update schedule will go back to a minimum of twice a week.  I’m thinking a Tuesday/Thursday schedule with a blog post one day and a poem on the other.  I will post more frequently if I write more.
  3. I cleared things with the publisher of my first book and confirmed that I have the rights to reprint it if I chose to do so.  I will probably republish that book sometime soon so it’s available through CreateSpace and Amazon like my other books.
  4. I have also not published a book containing my work from 2014 yet, but that is not a priority right now.  We’ll see how the year pans out – I may produce it by the end of the year.  (I’m certainly thinking about it)
  5. I am currently teaching myself The Chicago Manual of Style in hopes of both improving my writing and doing some freelance proofreading and editing.  If any fellow writers would be interested in having a proofreader/editor look at their work, please contact me.

And that’s what I’ve been up to in January.  That and getting a week-long cold that knocked me out for a few days 😛  I’ll keep working hard in February, and see you again in March with new updates.

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