Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting my musings on film and series Endings.  I’m a fan of Endings, and I think the final Ending to a series or franchise is incredibly important to the overarching story.  This discussion will be open to not only films and television series, but also books.

It should go without saying, but…  Since this is a discussion of Endings, there will be spoilers in these posts.  Understand that continuing to read could/will spoil the ending of a movie or series.  I will try to avoid discussing anything that ended within the past few months, but ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from 2014 and prior should be considered fair game.  You have been warned.

The topics I’ve decided on for my discussion of Endings are:  the Neverending Story (long-running serializations and their effect on Endings), Happily Ever After (open-Ended stories), and Risk and Reward (a discussion of the worth of an Ending based on what the protagonist/s gained and lost).

First things first though, why am I capitalizing the word “Ending”?  I’m doing that to distinguish it as the final Ending for a story.  I am referring not to season endings, but series endings.  I’ll be talking at length about the ending of the last movie of a trilogy, series, or franchise, though I may reference earlier endings in my discussion of the ending of the last film and the Ending of the story.

In short, I will use “ending” when referring to a singular ending, and I will use “Ending” for the final Ending of the story and its characters.

So why all the fuss about endings or Endings or whatever?  Well, frankly, it’s because I want to talk about it.  I have opinions on certain Endings, and I wanted to discuss them without dedicating a single post to each story. But~ I’m going to do that anyway.

Because I love stories, and I always have. So for the next few weeks I’m going to talk about a few of them, and I hope you enjoy.

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