Do you know of Tarot?  These cards are often used for fortunetelling, and can be divided into two sets:  the Minor Arcana, which became our modern playing cards, and the Major Arcana, which are often used to depict Tarot in films and stories.  And while all the cards are rich with meaning, today I would like to talk about two in particular:  The Sun and The Moon from the Major Arcana.

The Sun is a masculine card.  It represents day, enlightenment, and intellectual advancement.  All the things we associate with academy and philosophy are attributed to The Sun.

The Moon is a feminine card.  Some descriptions of Tarot depict The Moon as a negative card: representing wildness and unrestrained instincts.  However, I see it as intuitive – representing a deeper understanding of the word.

While The Sun burns, The Moon is cool.  While The Sun radiates, The Moon is still.  While The Sun speaks, The Moon is silent.

Some pains are born of sound and fury.  They cannot be healed with more of the same.  You cannot treat a burn with more fire.

Some nights, there are two moons in the sky: one without, and one within.  And on those nights, there exists a pain that cannot be cured by words or deeds.  It must be borne in silence – but not necessarily in solitude.

So friends, will you join me?  Will you listen, and help to bear this pain?  Will you stay awhile in my company?

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