The History of man

With fire’s power
man conquered all the others:
we first broke the earth,
crude skill crafting cruder forms;
water became steam,
propelling generations;
when we tamed lightning,
we drove back fear of the night;
we shaped our own wings
and the world shrank beneath us.
Finally at last,
we rule over everything
except our ravenous hearts.


The truth balances
on a precarious cliff
‘tween heaven and hell.
Or so it would seem to most…
But it is in fact
between what you wish is real
and what you’re afraid is true.


I am first, myself.
I am many other things:
child, friend, and lover
but my final commitment
cannot be to another.


I would love bacon
or silver dollar pancakes
with maple syrup…
But many mornings I can
barely get to work on time.


Violent romance
of fist and teeth and temper…
for men are from Mars
and the Goddess, in her love,
could not bear to leave our side.


When pillow sisters
and blood brothers whisper oaths
beneath the may pole,
sweet spring-time fairytales bloom
into full-blown summer dreams.

Romantic Regrets

They say, “You’ll regret
all that you have never done
more than what you did.”
In my experience, this
has not been the case
because all the things I’ve said
are why we no longer talk.