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My new path stretches
steadily out before me
and I press forward
to an unknown future on
a pair of unsteady legs.


The sweat on my brow
is the mark of my efforts
to forge a future
for myself, my family,
and all of those whom I love.


“Tell me what to say,”
he pleads into the night sky.
And while the Gods weep,
the darkness only echoes,
requesting words of its own.

Glass canon

My arcane power
humbles our enemies with
blasts of pure magick.
I summon fireballs to
scorch my enemies
and char the earth beneath them.
I command winter
and pull her icy fragments
down from the heavens.
The only things I fear are
the attentions of my foes.


If you should hurt me,
I’ll give you a smile and then
turn the other cheek.
If you trouble me again,
I’ll explain once more
and pray you learned your lesson.
Should you wrong me thrice,
I will break your shallow pride
and hound all your descendants.


The sight of your smile
throws me into the heavens
to drift amid stars
whose radiance pales before
your bright prominence
which joyously draws my eyes
back to my beloved’s Earth.