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She had such kind hands 2

She had such kinds hands,
like a whisper in the night,
like a swallow whose in flight.

She had such kinds hands,
gentle, and yet firm,
teaching all that she had learned.

She had such kind hands,
coaxing gasps and groans,
coaxing sighs and moans.

She had such kind hands.
I pray that I will not forget
the kindest hands I’ve ever met.


Don’t tell me we are “only friends” –
don’t say those ugly words to me.

I’ve spent a sunset in your arms,
and traded stories, loves, and charms.
I’ve shared with you my heart and mind,
and thought your shared your own in kind.

I journeyed through the nights with you,
believing that our love ran true…
I gave my love; I gave my all!
Why must I watch our kingdom fall?!

Don’t tell me we are “only friends”
when I just want to be your “only.”

The painted lady

She wore her widow’s weeds,
black as the night she lost him.

She uncovered the deeds,
green as his face when she caught him.

She remembered the rage,
red as the knife that stopped him.

She turned the page,
blanc as the new life before her.

Hagrid the horrible, II

When you’re not lying there like a wet black noodle,
you’re bouncing about like pink French poodle
or you’re staring up with those big, sad eyes…
How long will it take until you realize
that we weren’t put here just for you –
we have other people we need to pay attention to!


The pitter, patter of their feet
pounding daily on the street
and the weight of all the soles
stumbling through their grim patrols
cut a pattern of deep scars
which still bled, even in their cars.


Long into the twisted wood,
past the oak and branch and briar;
deep into the gath’ring dark,
past the circle of your fire.

Further than the distant stars,
twinkling beyond the sky;
deep into your very heart
where you hide behind your lies.

Past the heavens and the earth
and the realms of men and God;
you, who seek out happiness,
onward, onward must you trod.


Little glass doll, little glass doll,
why do you cry?
How did the ocean inside you
light a fire ‘round each eye?

Little glass doll, little glass doll,
why do you break?
Why is it that you fall apart
when we’re fighting for your heart?

Little glass doll, little glass doll,
why do you bleed?
Please get up and follow our lead –
we’ll teach you how to get what you need.

Little glass doll, little glass doll,
why did you fall?
We tried and tried and gave it our all –
why couldn’t you let down your wall?