Tarot card tales

Departing the crumbing tower,
the wanderer walks into the wilderness
and finds peace as a lover unbroken
beneath ten heavy stars.

I’m amazed at all the good
a little bit of blue sky and some fresh air
can do for the soul.

I feel worlds lighter after only a few minutes.

The unforgotten

Your name,
our first kiss,
the first time we made love.

Your home,
your family,
the way they treated me.

Your apartment,
the drive there,
all the times you weren’t available.

Your tears,
my disappointment,
and the last time that we fought.

Cloud reader

When others talk, they talk about people
because they know people.
I talk about clouds
and I think that’s the difference between us.

While they keep their minds
on the realities of the world,
my eyes keep drifting up
in a daydream daze.

Because I’m still wondering
if that firebird I saw flying into the sun
the week before the Iraq war
meant something.


If only you’d stop,
if on~ly.

Chilling my bones,
you creep~er.

The wetter the roads,
the sli~cker.

Down~ down.
Flooding the rivers,
drowning the town.

Rain. Fall.
Swallow the world
and swallow~ the light.

The Warrior

Charging forward undeterred,
a locomotive will;
screaming down the steely tracks:
a warhorse off to kill.

But Sleipnir’s stalwart progress,
which lead to victory,
was remembered by his victims
quite in infamy.