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Die Wespe der Blauen Lanze

One day while idly waiting
I saw a sight divine
I wasn’t anticipating
walking in the sunshine.

Her hair was bright as gold
and she held her head up high.
Her dress was vivid, short, bold,
and the color of the sky.

I couldn’t help but look
and watch her hips sway
with every step she took
as she walked along my way.

I sat there, slack-jawed, and observed
every hint of every curve.


I know of a certain place,
a lovely little shoppe.
Though slightly short on space,
it has goods that are on top.

It’s filled with crafty art
and gorgeous vestments
made with quite a lot of heart
by those with skilled commitment.

And run by quite the pair,
gals with smiles and sass,
who often welcome there
many-a workshop class.

It’s one of the best places under the sun
with goods and company second to none.


Heavy sky
but with good breezes
that drift on by –
playful teases.

It all so pleases,
I murmur and sigh
as my breath eases.

A natural high
amid wispy wheezes;
beloved are my
playful teases.