You’re stumble, mumble fumbling,
so messed up that you’re tumbling
down heights and hills and high ways –
but please steer clear of my ways.

Your noxious scent’s quite petulant,
your manners aren’t quite heaven-sent,
and your broken bones are jonesin’
with gangrene fermentosin’.

Your slack-jawed face that lacks awe
has seen the wrong side of a hacksaw
and you lost your ear right over ‘ere
and I think I can see your derriere…

Well…I’ll do God’s work and put you down
with a bullet right upon your crown.


I’m struggling ‘gainst the call
of my soft and comfy bed.
I’m giving it my all
to stay up late instead.

For it’s only at these times
that I really hit my stride
and mark all the extra chimes
with a slight swelling of pride.

But time’s heavy, leaden hand
keeps knocking me to the floor
and though I try to stand
I just can’t take it anymore.

So I accept my defeat
as I crawl between the sheets.


I’m back out on the road
as the day comes to a close
on the way to my abode
as the sky opens like a rose.

Now that the day is done
I can put my mind at ease.
Beholden to no one –
I can do as I please.

So maybe after dinner,
I’ll go out on the town
and feel just like a winner
while I’m traveling around.

This could be one hell of a night
under the moon, the starts, and the neon lights.


As time keeps creeping by,
a languid tick and tock,
from the corner of my eye
I keep watch upon the clock.

Why is it that midday,
though frantically sought,
so quickly slips away
as soon as it is caught?

I wish I had the might
to hold the moment still
like a flower balanced right
upon the windowsill.

But, alas, it must give way
to the long, lingering rest of the day.


underneath my sheets.
myself up in defeat.

the night and morning news.
an outfit and some shoes.

my usual breakfast.
my shower super fast.

There aren’t enough hours in the morn
to leave me feeling anything but worn.

March to Keep Fear Alive

Now it’s no secret Nation;
there’s much that I hold dear
including the conflagration
that’s a little thing called “Fear”.

Though there’s some liberal ne’er-do-wells
who just can’t be content
with how well fear-mongering sells
and they’re asking us to relent.

But I’ve got the inside word
on what is really going on
and I want it to be heard
before we’re too far gone.

I’ve always been a man who’s listened to his gut
and right now it says, “Steven, you better watch your butt.”

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Rally to Restore Sanity

These days it seems
we’re living in a world
of partisan extremes
that’s coming unfurled.

People are so aggravated
at every political event
that those who’re “less opinionated”
can’t help but to lament.

But we’re taking a stand
for those hard working folks
too busy to have a hand
in the fodder for political jokes.

If you’re interested, come on down
to our sensible meeting in a mad man’s town.

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