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I don’t know what to tell;
I don’t know what to think…
How can she make me feel so well?
It’s probably something in the drink.

Because in just a blink
she can pull me out of hell,
right from the burning brink.

Could it be her curves and swells
or her sultry, randy wink?
Perhaps some power dark and fell?
It’s probably something in the drink.

Life’s a…well, you know

From the golden, shifting sands
to the lofty, emerald trees,
you can feel the spirit of the land
shaking in your knees.

From sea to shining seas,
you’ve got to raise your hands
to mother nature’s beauties.

But if one should dare command
her ample bounties
you’ll feel her reprimand
shaking in your knees.

Mind’s eye

An exuberant child,
without restraint or modesty,
singing, dancing, and making merry.
Round and round they go,
sometimes for hours on end,
inside the skull-shaped room.
And that’s on a good day.