The sun and the moon,
the day and the night,
the subtle power play
between darkness and light.

Light’s lauded eternal,
painted in white,
and awarded a purity
that is not its right.

Shade stands ashamed,
accused, and accursed,
perpetually known
only for its worst.

But there are no heroes or villains,
no right and no wrong,
there’s much more to hear
in the world’s song.

Recall moonlit walks,
making love in the dark,
and how the daylight
makes our horrors more stark.

Life’s rarely simple,
there’s a rainbow of hues;
take a moment and examine
those within you.

The sway of the tide,
the pulse of the land,
there’s a rich complexity
to the powers at hand.

So listen and learn,
a student once more,
arms spread wide,
and ready to soar.

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