Sing for me a song of storms,

Sing to me of gallons of rain,
carried in the arms of a hurricane,
swallowing all our hopes and dreams
just like their clouds consume sunbeams.

Sing to me of a frozen gale,
of snow, of ice, and deadly hail –
frigid blades within the breeze
that cut you deep how’er they please.

Sing to me of roaring thunder,
of lightning that splits the night asunder,
scorches the earth with Heaven’s ire,
and smites the sinful with Their fire.

Sing to me of the tempest,
of wind that rages relentless,
that huffs and puffs with a laugh
and blows away the last of the chaff.

Sing to me of human hearts,
of the trembling flesh that shakes and starts
at the approach of the ones they hold dear
and the advance of those they fear.

For all the storms that nature brings,
the winds and rains that howl and sing –
the glories of Gaia at her best
are outdone by the storm within our breast.


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