1 in 5 tells a story, and it doesn’t seem like much until you start scaling it up:
20 out of a hundred…
200 out of a thousand…
1.46 Billion out of the 7.3 Billion people living today…

They’re a minority, it’s true.
4 out of every 5 don’t doubt or despair,
don’t travel to the darkest of places,
where they don’t see a way out.

But some days
people win the lottery –
the one that no one wants to win –
and they get to be 1 in 5.

Some days I’m lucky,
and I get to be 1 in 5 too.
Some days I’m luckier,
and I get to be one of the 4 in 5.

Today I’m not the 1,
but today is the one
when I need to point out the 1
so that 4 out of 5 people


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