On the bad days,
on the rock-bottom days,
when I’m all out of fucks to give,
I don’t want to be a good man.

I want to be a Blade,
and be the avenger
that puts this war-crazy world
to the sword.

I want to be a Beast,
and show everyone
how well I learned
their dog-eat-dog lessons.

I want to be a Demon,
and command the night
when I walk without fear
past the sheeple in the gloom.

I want to be The Devil,
and give you something to hate,
because I’ve seen how much you love to hate,
and tonight I want to make your dreams come true.

But I also want to be The Better Man,
so I take this feral blade,
this devil among devils,
and sheathe him,
giving myself fresh scars in the process.

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