You look down on us
as redeemers and saviors,
and people worship you
as prophets and messiahs.

But when was the last time
you dressed in worn-out clothes,
lived from paycheck-to-paycheck,
or worried about making a rent payment?

When was the last time
every step wasn’t choreographed,
every word wasn’t teleprompter-tested,
and every action wasn’t polished to a superhuman shine.

You spread sweetened words,
hoping that we’ll love you,
hoping that we’ll lift you up,
hoping that we’ll make your dreams come true.

You’re called public servants,
but you only serve your own ambitions,
and all your empty promises
won’t put the world to rights.

But maybe I’m just too jaded,
maybe I’m too judgmental,
or maybe I’m just too damn tired
of watching what all of you are doing to our country.

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