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Puffed up and proud,
shit-talking as he swaggers,
but the lion’s little more than loud,
impotent in his anger.

And now the strutting stud
fixes his eyes on a filly,
but his performance was a dud
and he ends up looking silly.

Furious at his defeating,
the lion prepares to fight,
but Bambi gives his ass a beating
and knocks out his lights.

And tomorrow the predator of the town
will wake up looking like a clown.

The Triumph of Tragedy

Don’t try to wipe away my tears,
I’ve been cultivating them for years,
and I’m finally strong enough to express
all the pain that I’d repressed.

And the relief I’ve finally found
falls like rain upon the ground,
and a heart withering on the vine
can at last begin to shine.

So don’t you dare attempt to try
to clear these tears from under my eyes.
I know you’re only trying to help me
by fighting a grief that you perceive.

But I’ve found the strength to show my heart,
and not only just the pretty parts.

Edge of the Unknown

I cut myself again
and pay the bitter toll.
I’m desperate to feel whole;
I’m desperate for the pain.
When that familiar feeling
hits me like a wave,
I feel as though I’m saved
by the sanguine healing.

It’s curious that what breaks me
feels like remedy
while what threatens to unmake me
is a sweet melody.
For I fear pleasures unknown
far more than the pain that I call home.

The Ace of Hearts

Tears in a crowd,
it’s such sweet pain.
My face is dry,
but my heart holds rain.

I’ve nothing left,
the tank’s run dry.
I have no strength,
not even to cry.

World weary,
barely standing.
The world’s still hungry –
still demanding.

So my bruised and wounded heart
stands among, but stands apart.

The hollow victory

So you think you know somebody,
and that what you have is real,
but your connection is their hobby,
and real was never in the deal.

They lied and cheated you,
and made you feel a fool,
and claim they have defeated you
by the machinations of their tools.

But in reality they lost
before the game ever begun;
their deception came at the cost
of what victory would have won.

For you offered them a helping hand –
what better prize in a troubled land?


She’s got a gorgeous smile
that can warm your heart for days;
people see it shine for miles
as they go about their ways.

Her eyes sparkle in the sunlight,
and dance beneath the moon,
defying the dark of night
by glimmering in the gloom.

Her spirit’s so splendiferous,
it’s almost luminescent;
so kind and so generous,
they say it’s effervescent.

Her friends and family claim they’re blessed
by living with and loving this goddess.

The shared cup

Spring flowers
put us at ease.
Summer star showers
delight our eves.

The full Fall moon
illuminates the night.
And Winter nearly swoons
to bathe the world in white.

The cyclical seasons
mark the passing of ages,
and inspire the reasons
of spirited sages.

Delighting as they raise up
children with whom to share their cup.


This poem was inspired by the following quote from Samurai X:  Trust and Betrayal

“Spring brings cherry blossoms to comfort us.
The summers stars, the harvest moon in fall, and the powdered snow in winter…
These things, and the promise of them, are what make sake taste so good.
One day you will understand this,
and then I shall pour sake for the both of us.”


Just ’cause I’m not broken
doesn’t mean I’m not breaking;
my smile is a token
of all that I am faking.

I hold my tears back
to muffle the pain,
but inside they attack
like an April rain.

I speak of it to none,
for the past has taught me true
that when you trust someone
they can and will hurt you.

And so I laugh and play and please,
desperate to hide this dread disease.


They call me “anti-social”,
and I suppose it’s true,
but they don’t realize just how close
I’m watching what they do.

I’ve seen how they treat each other,
the malice and the spite;
I’ve watched them writing bitter words
long into the night.

I’ve watched them running ragged,
and all but out of breath;
chugging liters of cheap coffee
just to stave off death.

Is it any wonder that I seek
a different life than that they keep?

The Black Knight

I wish that I was brave enough
to rise and take a stand
to the terrors which are welling up
to swallow this land.

I wish that I was strong
so I could strike them down:
the wickedness and wrongs
who are ruining this town.

I wish I had the wisdom
to find a better way,
to craft a better kingdom
on the far side of the fray.

But the road to virtue is beset
by tempting vices and regrets.